Photo Gallery A White House Halloween, in photos

161031_white_house_halloween_AP_1160.jpg161031_white_house_performer_2_Getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_performer_Getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_dancers_Getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_press_room_Getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_obamas_door_Getty_1160.jpgPresident Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrive at a Halloween event at the South Lawn.

161031_white_house_obamas_dance_getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_obamas_trick_treat_Getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_flotus_kid_Getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_obama_kid_2_AP_1160.jpg161031_white_house_kids_getty_1160.jpg161031_white_house_kid_obama_Getty_1160.jpgA child dressed up as President Barack Obama looks on during a Halloween event at the South Lawn of the White House.

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