Plug an extra 64GB into your iPhone



Add 64 GB to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac with a single feature-rich drive.
Photo: Cult of Mac DealsAdd 64 GB to your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac with a single feature-rich drive.


Running out of storage isn’t unique to either the iPhone or Mac, but usually the solutions are different for each device. With the multitalented Mill iData Pro, you can solve both at once.

It’s a 64GB expansion drive that sports Lightning and USB connections along with a bunch of other cool features that make it perfect for the mobile user, and right now you can nab an iData Pro for just$74.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Beyond the obvious usefulness of a drive with two sets of connections, the iData Pro also boasts an iTouch ID function that guards access to data. There’s an easy file-management system, quick-save tools for email attachments and third-party app file types, as well as a seamless compress and uncompress function for zip files.

You can transfer 2GB to and from a computer in just 100 seconds, or around 200 seconds for your mobile devices. But this isn’t just a data lifeboat — you can listen to music or watch videos straight from your device, and even charge through while in use.


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