Apple cuts App Store approval time to just one day

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Apple has cut the amount of time it takes to approve new submissions for the App Store down to just one day, claims a new report.

The initiative — which is part of Apple’s efforts to focus on improving its services at a time when iPhone sales are decreasing — means that, in the past year alone, the mean number of days it takes an app to be approved has fallen from 8.8 down to only 24 hours.

“A lot of the way that we build software for iOS is controlled around the fact that you have a one-week release cycle,” a developer who has done work for Uber and Foursquare told Bloomberg. “It can now happen within hours of submitting them, which is really awesome because it speeds up the development cycle.”

Slicing the approval time is one more way Apple can compete with Android, which doesn’t carry out extensive security or content checks on submitted apps before making them available on the Google Play store.

Phil Schiller took over running the App Store for Eddy Cue back in December. Since then, Apple has reduced its iAd advertising platforms, while moving over 100 employees to work on improving App Store search.


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